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9/7/2015 12:16:12 / oneil94 2 comentarios

Motivatoinal:You are Who you Watch

When luck is on your side,even doing unusual things dosen't matter.During the time of trouble and difficulties."You are what you read"a welcomed phrase in our society.What about what you watch?Either romantic,pornographic,action and other genre of movies.It does not matter so far as we learn something from it.Been it pornographic or romantic movies.Always consider yourself as a knowledge -seeing person.Don't be shy by watching pornographic or reading pornographic materials.Always bear in mind;You are what you watch!

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2/7/2015 22:54:40 / atestblogger 9 comentarios

Rihanna sexy butt + Topless in new music video

Rihanna has delighted the world once more by showing off her fantastic T&A in her latest music video "Better have my money". Enjoy the pictures below! - William Watson

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2/7/2015 11:50:48 / atestblogger 4 comentarios

Miley Cyrus kissing supermodel (lesbian)

Stella, I believe her name is, making out with actress/singer Miley Cyrus. -William Watson

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2/7/2015 11:46:39 / atestblogger 1 comentarios

Kate Mara Topless photo shoot (Nip slip)

At long last; we get at least a nip slip by the ever sexy Kate Mara; enjoy! -William Watson

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1/7/2015 9:59:11 / atestblogger 2 comentarios

Nipple Corner: Natalie Portman

Another addition to the Nipple Corner; Natalie Portman. The ever sexy star of Star Wars, Black Swan and more appears walking about without a bra, her small breasts poking through her white shirt.

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30/6/2015 7:18:21 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

The Weekly Report 6/30/2015

Welcome back to the Weekly report. This was a good week in TV nudity no mistake.

Over at Starz! We have another good nude scene from "Power" featuring La La Anthony. I'm looking forward to seeing this girl nude more often.

On Penny Dreadful over at Showtime, we have another look at a naked messed up vampire. Obviously, there is nothing sexier than a half carved bald vampire chick sent from Satan to consume you're soul.

Deutschland 83, the first ever forign language show to ever be aired on U.S television has arrived, bringing with it a nice nude scene from the sexy Sonja Gerhardt.

That raps up this entry into the Weekly Report, as always I will keep an eye on TV nudity and keep you guys informed; take care! - William Watson

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29/6/2015 11:01:26 / atestblogger 1 comentarios

Best TV shows for Nudity P1

Nudity. Such a simple thing; aren't we all nude every day? At least once? Its a natural thing after all. Yet for some reason; it sells like Hotcakes. It fact, my nearest Ihop went under and a strip club opened up there. It literally sells more than syrupy goodness. The mother's union complained; the father's union decided it was best to protest this new establishment from the inside.

#10: Rome (HBO)

Rome was a huge success for HBO; one of their first truly epic series. Rome was many things; historically inaccurate, beautiful sets, greating acting and of course; good T&A. Whiter it be Polly Walker, the big-tity momma of the future dick-tator of Roma, or her sexy as all hell daughter Kerry Condon. There wasn't a great deal of nudity in Rome (at least compared to other shows on the list) but what little there was; it was fantasticly done.

As with most HBO shows; most of the nudity is in the first season, but there are also great other scenes in the second season as well; most certainly a must see.

#9 Shameless (Showtime)

Shameless... They are utterly shameless... I love it! Emmy Rossum has done more topless scenes than Snoop Dog has been high, backed up by the always sexy Laura Wiggins. A all-around great show for nudity.

Showtime rarely lets you down; this show keeps up the record. If you like emmy rossum and love seeing topless, fucking in the back of a squad-car; this show is for you.

#8 Californication (Showtime)

Another great entry into this multiple part series. Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. This show features every kinky thing you can think of. From Wild threesoms to Nuns in a church. Er, Pace yourself watching show.

Another showtime boob-tastic show. Certainly a great one for anyone looking for nudity.

See you guys later on P2 of The Best TV shows for Nudity! -William Watson.

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29/6/2015 10:37:38 / atestblogger 3 comentarios

Butt Challenge! Salma Hayek vs Beyonce

This time on Butt Challenge, it comes down to a dual for who has the better ass.


One of the finest in all of the Butt challenge; a true booty shaking legend. With a perfect round ass; she makes a hard conpetitor in the Butt Challenge!

9.0/10, great ass!

Salma Hayek

The lexy latino Goddess, Salma Hayek not only thrills and chills with her nearly PERFECT pair pf tits; she also shocks and awes with her great ass too!

8.7, Smack-able!

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29/6/2015 10:21:55 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Topless Challenge! Blondes Round two

Welcome back to the Topless Challenge! Lets jump right into it!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence... Sorry, lost my train of thought there for a second. A little while ago we were blessed by the boob gods with a hacking, now known as "The fappening" by those of who didn't die of a massive horny attack after seeing her complete, full frontal nude pictures. A truly fantastic entry into the Topless Challege!: Blondes series

William's Score: 9.1. Great pair of tits, nearly perfect.
Bra size: 32C

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz, a shining example of MILF quality sexy. This bad girl has been sexy in numerous roles, but if you truly want to see her chest you'll have to look outside of her movies.

Bra Size: 32B
William's Score: 8.2, nice pair of tits.

Chloë Sevigny
A famous actress; maybe not the fame she would prefer. She is mostly famous for either her role in Big love, or her infamous REAL blowjob scene in Brown bunny. Very sexy in both roles no doubt.
William's score: 7.9, Bra size 34B

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26/6/2015 23:45:43 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Selena Gomez Nips again!

Selena Gomez has been on a nipple frenzy of late! She shows them off (along with her impressive tits) once again in "Good for you". - William Watson

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25/6/2015 4:49:36 / atestblogger 1 comentarios

Lady Gaga Braless, Again !

There's something about Lady Gaga and her breasts. They can't seem to make it one day without being published. Well she got her wish again as she takes out to get a pizza and gives a slice of her boobs.

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25/6/2015 4:29:09 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Selena Goes Topless, Again

We just can't get a rest from Selena Gomez and her nips. Every day you see some news pop up with photos of Selena leaving her nips for the world to see. Well she did tit again.

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24/6/2015 4:33:33 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Mariah Carey Nip Slip

Mariah had something to offer for everyone on the beach. She offered playtime for her kids while giving us a clear look at her left nip.

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24/6/2015 1:10:36 / PhysicsWanker 1 comentarios

Scandals in brief: Game of Thrones

When you want naked women, go to Game of Thrones. Lena Heady was seen walking nude across a city in what's being called the "walk of shame". What's funny is that it wasn't her!!! Rebecca Van Cleave was used as a body double and I can confirm that her boobs are much younger than Lena's. Lena's face was then superimposed over the image.

Holly Madison, the playmate, had her book published in America yesterday and in it she tells it all. Yes, she fucked Hugh Heffner in orgies along with every other playmate who ever made it to the front cover. There's talk that the book will be turned into a movie! If that's true, they'd better make the sex scenes awesome. Much more awesome than they did with fifty shades of grey.

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23/6/2015 22:55:05 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Take A Peek At Paris Hilton's Nip

What is it about Paris Hilton and nudity. I mean she always shows up somewhere in the planet with dresses at the wrong places. Whether in her boyfriends tub or in front of camera, she always give us something to look at. Who are we to complain.

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23/6/2015 22:48:04 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Phoebe Price Goes Pantieless

If all celebrities were like Phoebe Price, then imagine what would our street look like, ALL THOSE PANTIELESS GIRLS ! WOW ! That's right, she doesn't believe in panties, and neither do we. So let's enjoy.

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23/6/2015 22:38:03 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

She Is Too Hot To Handle !!!

No matter how many times you look at the photos of the beautiful and busty Charlotte McKinney, part of you will fear that you might be in a dream. There's nothing to do than just stare at every single picture of Charlotte McKinney in a bikini.

Put her on a bikini, make couple of topless shots, anything ! Charlotte McKinney and her glorious body might be all a dream. She looks hotter every time, her cleavage is awesome, her side boob is amazing, her lips are pouty She is almost too perfect, or as some would say she’s a dream.

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23/6/2015 15:25:09 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Nipple Corner: Selena Gomez

Today in Nipple corner we have Selena Gomez going Braless about town, you can barely see her right & left nipple through a tight red top. Enjoy! - William Watson

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23/6/2015 7:10:55 / atestblogger 1 comentarios

Upcoming Nudity: Emma Watson

It may be happening... At long last, I am thrilled to say we may finally get to see the Lovely Miss Emma Watson nude!

In her Upcoming Thriller, staring alongside actor Ethan Hawke; Emma Watson will supposedly be topless. We are not certain that she'll actually be nude (body double, pasties etc.) But from where it stands now; we have a shot. I will be continuing to cover this and get down to the bottom of whither or not Emma Watson will in fact go topless. Its been said that you can see her breasts but they are partly obscured.

"Regression" will be hitting theaters 28 August, 2015.

-Sir William Watson

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23/6/2015 6:40:23 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

The Weekly Report

Welcome to the first Weekly Report, my blog series covering all the latest nudity in Television and Film. Lets get started. (Images Below)

This week on Starz! Original series "Power", we have a nice nude scene by the lovly Lela Loren, showing her a breast and her ass in bed.

On HBO, the new comedy series "The Brink" gave us a blink at the fine tits of Mara Lane.

Also on HBO, "Ballers" featured three nude women, Michelle Vargas, Taylor Cole and Christine Bently.

So Far, an okay week in nudity, but not the best we've ever seen.

See you guys next week!

- Sir William Watson, the indiana Jones of finding nudity.

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22/6/2015 10:34:44 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Joanna Krupa Nude in Paparazzi Photos

Well this beauty is turning the heat in water. WOW!

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21/6/2015 11:10:25 / atestblogger 1 comentarios

Jurassic World Review (No spoilers)

The newest entry into the famed and much beloved Jurassic Park series has arrived in theaters, breaking all records as it easily becomes the #1 movies in the world. The film takes place twenty-two years after the original films, featuring Isla Nublar but now with a fully operational theme park. The park had been doing very well for over ten years, however the visitor rates were beginning to decline, so they decided to start creating new breeds of dinosaurs. It backfires horribly. Owen (played by Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy) stars alongside Bryce Dallas Howard as they run about the Island trying to stop this new dinosaur that eventually escapes its containment and begins slaughtering indiscriminately; beast and man alike. Staring alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are Nick Robinson and Ty simpkins, two young brothers. The film features strong character growth, exploring human nature aside from the action. Family and romance primarily. Jurassic World, although a great step up from Jurassic Park III and II; fails to live up to the first film. The characters are hollow at parts, stereotypical at best. Forced romance and cliches are abundant in this film as well. The special effects are suburb, entirely immersing the viewer in the film, while bringing the action to them. Overall a must see for anyone who loves summer blockbusters or simply is a fan of the series. 7.5/10, rated PG-13 for intense of Violence.

- William Watson

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21/6/2015 10:37:47 / oneil94 0 comentarios

The hobbit series:REVIEWED

When talking about the hobbit film series,one cannot just forget how entertaining it was.Yet still it does not fit the era of mordern movies.Many movie raters will perhaps rate it much higher among it equal in terms of box office success and among others.But talking about mordern era movies,at least youths and perhaps admirers of this site and blog will agree wiith me that it lacked one thing "pleasuring viewers sexual means"Not long ago I quite rmmember how a fan of th movie just said 'GIVING IT A 10 WILL BE WRONG BUT IT IS A NIC MOVIE" BUT why the BUT? It didn't fufill the trend of modern movies.For me and I think all viewrs of this site,at least aone or two scene like this

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21/6/2015 6:43:09 / atestblogger 1 comentarios

Butt Challenge!: Kim Kardashian vs Nicki Minaj Vs Jennifer Lopez

Butts! When I was growing up as a kid, they were a thing to be spanked when misbehaving, now they are what seems to be a trend of the world of sex. In this series, we will be comparing who just has the best ass in Hollywood, starting with Kim Kardashian vs Nicki Minaj. First up, we seem to have what appears to be Kimkardashian taking my Mothers advice and is throwing her trashy self away into a Glade garbade bag (hefty hefty hefty!). She appears to be having a good time doing it so I won't impose. Second we have Nicki Minaj picking up a quarter. Why she is looking back seductivly we may never know. third and finally we have Jennifer Lopez warding off a Demon with an ancient Goidelic ritual, either that or trying to distract people from the fact that she can't really sing. All three of these ladies have a great (ass)et for certain, but when it comes down to it; who has the best?

Challenge: William gives Kimkardashian a 8.1 to Jennifer Lopez, a 7.5 to Kim Kardashian and a solid 8.0 to Nicki Minaj.

Thanks for tuning into the first post in the ongoing series Butt Challenge!

Written by Sir William Watson, A standup guy, a mischievous porn viewer.

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21/6/2015 6:10:19 / atestblogger 1 comentarios

Topless Challenge: Blonds Round One

Welcome all to the Topless Challenge! In this series we will be judging (and enjoying) all of the recent scenes from Blondes in Cinima, deciding who has the best tits focusing on TV shows and Movies. Lets jump right into it.


Round One


Viva Bianca - Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Viva Bianca appeared nude in the first episode of Spartacus, setting the standard for the entire series from that point on. If she doesn't win your head (either of them) with her beautiful 34C's, then she might just with her charming blue eyes, her cute bush or of course; her silky blonde hair.


The symmetry of her breasts appears flawless, like ancient roman pillars in ancient Roma, topped off with perfect, nearly flesh toned niples.

Bra Size: 34C; Natural

William's Rating: 8.3/10

Scarlett Johansson - Under the Skin (2014)

Scarlett Johansson, whither she's on the red carpet in a sinfully enticing dress having her boob felt up or in a sexy leather outfit kicking ass in the Avengers, one thing we can agree on is this; She is a goddess. With her 36DD's she's certainly hard to miss, which is why it was almost painful to wait for her first and only nude scene in Jonathan Glazer's "Under the skin". She certainly didn't disappoint in any department, whither it be her ass, bush or tits.


Luscious, full breasts with rosy red nipples makes Scarlett Johansson's first nude appearance pop! A great pair of big tits by any measure.

Bra Size: 36DD; Natural

William's Rating: 8.8/10

Kristen Bell

The cute and perky Kristen Bell and I have been great friends for a long time. Or at least we should be at this point; she's visited my dreams enough times to at least remember my name. Kristen Stewart is most famous for her roles on Veronica Mars and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but her sexiest role would have to be "The Lifeguard" in which she has an affair with a young man.


She makes the itty bitty titties community proud with her cute, small breasts. Unfortunately, she has yet to appear nude, although with a small nipple slip in Spartan and sexy bikini pictures here and there. From what I've seen of her breasts, they are very nice.

Bra Size: 32B; Natural

William's Rating: 7.8/10

I hope to see you guys next time on our on-going series, hosted by Ancensored, the best place on the web for all of your Nude celebrity needs,


Written By Sir William Watson, classic gentleman, devoted purveyor of celebrity nudity.

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20/6/2015 19:25:40 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Lindsey Pelas in Bikini

New paparazzi photos of Lindsey Pelas at the pool in Miami...Cool!

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20/6/2015 16:55:06 / PhysicsWanker 0 comentarios

Scandals: Blondes and Redheads

I've been wondering how often celebrity scandals happen.
Answer: More often than you think (success!).

Hulk Hogan, the WWE wrestler. Remember him? He fucked his best friend's wife back in 2006. Nine years on and the case is finally going to court. Somewhere out there is just about two hours worth of video content featuring an attractive woman getting banged by a pro. Don't believe me?
Just look at his wife:

Speaking of blondes, another Marilyn Monroe biopic came out recently. My advice is NOT to watch it. It's awfully boring. Unless of course you want to see Kelli Garner's smooth bum and side boob up close.

If you don't like blondes, over in Britain reality star Vicky Pattison randomly posted a sexy pic of herself on instagram -- the best app for WILD women to randomly share themselves with thousands of fans. Here she is in semi-nude glory

If you're into red heads then I'm afraid to tell you Blaze Starr died this week at the age of 83. Go say your last goodbye to her right here at ancensored.
But don't worry, there are plenty of red heads to carry on the flame. Forget Christina Hendricks. While she has wholesome boobs, she's too stingy and still hasn't bared her luscious rack to us fans. That's why I present to you Vica Kerekes! Her curvy hips swing from side to side, with her cleavage always cut low and hands that can get the job done. If you ask me, she is a borderline Czech pornstar.

Wanna know why I love Vica Kerekes so much?

In an interview three days ago she admitted that she will still do erotic scenes even if her boyfriend won't let her. Let me rephrase that: She fought with her boyfriend just because she wants to show us her curvaceous body!
Here's the interview

To make Vica happy, it is every man's duty to go off and see her videos. We have her right here at ancensored BUT most of you are unaware that there is a whole lot of content of her nude and even oiling another girls' vagina. Not even our rivals at were aware of this:

So if there are any of you tech masters out there with an hour to spare, take that video and upload it to ancensored to make Vica's wish come true.

That's all for today folks. See you around.

- PhysicsWanker

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19/6/2015 22:34:02 / atestblogger 0 comentarios

Lady Gaga With Her Sexy Bikini Body!

You need to have it, to flaunt it. That's the rule. The rule was taylor made for Lady Gaga, because she has been on fire recently! You just can't get enough of that hot little bod of hers in a bikini.She sure does have great tits.

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