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24/6/2015 1:10:36 / PhysicsWanker1 Comentarios

Scandals in brief: Game of Thrones

When you want naked women, go to Game of Thrones. Lena Heady was seen walking nude across a city in what's being called the "walk of shame". What's funny is that it wasn't her!!! Rebecca Van Cleave was used as a body double and I can confirm that her boobs are much younger than Lena's. Lena's face was then superimposed over the image.

Holly Madison, the playmate, had her book published in America yesterday and in it she tells it all. Yes, she fucked Hugh Heffner in orgies along with every other playmate who ever made it to the front cover. There's talk that the book will be turned into a movie! If that's true, they'd better make the sex scenes awesome. Much more awesome than they did with fifty shades of grey.

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